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At 928s R Us we have an unparalleled enthusiasm for these timeless sportcars. We are dedicated to bringing the latest innovations and most current information to the 928 community so we can all enjoy our cars to their fullest.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of new Porsche and OEM parts. Our team works directly with manufacturers all over the world to offer the latest, highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for your 928 needs. 

This is a tireless joint effort between us, our customers, and manufacturers that is becoming more and more important as some of these parts become no longer available.


928s R Us can get the parts you need for the care and feeding of your Shark.  Our online store lists our most popular specialty items. These are just the tip of the iceberg concerning the 928 parts we can provide.

Because of our loyal customers, our unparalleled customer service and unbelievably low prices, we are proud to be the most popular and fastest growing 928 parts supplier in the U.S.

928s R Us also have customers on six of the world's seven continents, with locations ranging from the Americas across Europe and Russia to the Far East, and from Iceland to South Africa to Tasmania. We are experienced in worldwide shipping and offer affordable international shipping rates.


928s R Us proudly support Shark events
both locally and globally.

Our goal at 928s R Us is to keep the legendary Porsche 928 on the roads and in the public eye.
Whether you are a 928 owner, you are looking to buy your first Shark, or you just admire the cars,
we encourage you to attend a Shark gathering near you.

We will be happy to include your event on our website; just email the event details to

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