Armrest Backing Plate Fitting Instructions



This is a brief explanation of how to fit the backing plate I have manufactured to extend armrest life.

  1. Remove the armrest from the door. This is done by removing the door lever trim with a Philips head screwdriver. Then remove the center trim by carefully pulling the top rear corner to pry out the plastic plugs. A large screwdriver may be able to assist but be very careful and don’t blame me if you damage something.
  2. Remove the 6 screws holding the armrest. The front one is behind the air vent trim. The 2 lower ones are in the armrest pocket and should have little black plastic caps to hide them. On the driver’s door, make note of the way the wires connect to the mirror controls and then remove the wires.
  3. Remove the two screws marked #1 from the door handle, align the plate on the back of the armrest and place a clamp on it. All five mounting holes should align with the backing plate. The hole marked #2 is the most difficult to line up. If you cannot get it to move into place with sufficient room to fit the nut on the back, do not worry as it is not essential to the rigidity of the plate. If you can get it to align, drill a 5mm hole through the plastic and fit the M5 x 10 screw. This screw may also interfere with the center trim of the door. If it does, leave it off.
  4. Align the rear end of the armrest and drill hole marked #3. Fit the screw and tighten it well.
  5. Drill the final two holes marked #4 and #5.
  6. Fit all the screws with the large washers on the plastic side.
  7. Re-install armrest to shark and take car out for a test drive. Enjoy!


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