928 347 010 27 - Steering rack 91 to 95 Rebuilt

A steering rack for Porsche 928s.

928sRus, Inc.

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91 to 95 Original Racks were part of a higher Pressure 100BAR hydraulic system. This was to reduce the driver steering effort. Porsche no longer recognizes this fact and will supply a earlier 82 to 90 rack. This applies to our racks as well. I highly recommend, that if you have an original 91 to 95 steering, that you send it to us for rebuild.
This is a rebuilt original 91 to 95 rack and we MUST receive a 91 to 95 rack in return.

Remanufactured steering rack comes as a short rack with NO tie rod assemblies.

Our Racks come complete with new Delrin Rack Bushes & Sealing Washers.

795mm Rack length w/23mm & 26mm ends. Rack is for Left Hand Drive cars only.

Although not outlined in the factory shop manual to do so, the age of these vehicles dictates that we STRONGLY recommend replacement of rack boots and reservoir. The reservoir contains an integral filter which, if not replaced, can contaminate new power steering components and cause premature failure of your newly remanufactured component. 

CORE RETURNS: When a core is returned it must be complete, not disassembled, and re-build-able. The core must be a like for like with matching part numbers of the purchased unit. Steering shafts must not be badly pitted with corrosion. Make sure your contact information is included in the box. All returns must be shipped freight prepaid. Please take care in packaging your parts and pack so they are protected in case they leak. Core Returns can take up to 30 Days.

Core Charge - Once we receive your order we will ship you a rebuilt rack. You will pay a $400 core charge which is refunded when we receive your old rack back in rebuildable condition. Of MOST importance is the condition of the shafts and they MUST not be pitted with corrosion. If in doubt send us pictures.

You are welcome to send us your own rack for rebuild - about 3 weeks turnaround. No core charge will be required. our address is:


308 FM 1830, 19E,

Argyle, TX 76226

We also offer the option to add a PS Reservoir, Tie rods & Rack Boots to your order.

Warranty - Two years from delivery date (date received).

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