928 556 285 02 - Hood Insulation Pad - OEM

928 556 285 02 - Hood Insulation Pad - OEM

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SKU: 928 556 285 02

This is the original "Waffle" style hood insulation pad that came on the cars from the factory. Comes with an adhesive "peel & stick" backing to make installation easy. These pads were fitted to all 928's from 78 to 95.

We also offer the smaller pad which was used in 78 & 79 that fits the smaller section of the hood. See part number 928 556 241 02

Aftermarket versions require adhesive to be applied which often means removing the hood completely.

1) Cover the engine with a cloth/sheet.
2) Vacuum as much of the old insulation off the hood as possible.
3) Leave the old adhesive in place as it acts like a primer.
4) Wipe over the surface with a rag and white spirit. This is to remove any grease and small particles.
5) Position the top of the pad in place by peeling back 6” of backing.
6) Two people is better, one on each side. Pull the backing down as you apply the pad until complete.


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