XP-3000 - X Pipe Stainless Steel Performance Crossover Pipe for 85 to 95 32v Cars

928sRus, Inc.

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The original X Pipe was designed and developed for the 928 by Louis Ott.
Dave Lomas (Motorsports SLC), in collaboration with Louis Ott, further developed the X pipe for production as we have it today. 
Multiple Dyno Tests at different ambient temperatures on different models produced at least 25 RWHP and in many cases more. 
For the best results your car should be in good mechanical condition with all maintenance up to date.
Installation is straightforward and the included installation kit contains all gaskets, bolts, nuts and clamps needed. Installation requires the removal of the original section with the catalytic converters. The X Pipe is made to fit in that space.
The X Pipe includes two ports, one for the stock 02 sensor and one for the addition of a wide band 02 sensor. The wide band 02 sensor is used when tuning the car. If a wide band 02 sensor is not used the fitting kit includes a threaded plug to seal the port.
Made in Aluminized or Stainless Steel. The aluminized steel version resists corrosion in all but the harshest conditions. If your car is driven regularly in conditions requiring salt on the roads then the Stainless Steel version is recommended.

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