Front of Engine "FOE" Wiring Harness - 78 to 95

A front of engine FOE wiring harness for Porsche 928s.
Front of Engine "FOE" Wiring Harness - 78 to 95
Front of Engine "FOE" Wiring Harness - 78 to 95

928sRus, Inc.

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Whether you own an early 78 or a late 95 928 the Engine Harness is most likely suffering from hidden corrosion. This has become an issue in the 928 World causing multiple spurious electrical problems. As the FOE harness is the main connection between the engine (14 Pin Connector), starter, alternator, oil pressure sender, oil level sender, engine temperature sensor, AC and intake temperature. Also on earlier cars it includes the WUR, thermal time switch, cold start and Aux. air valve. A lack of pure power can be detrimental to the function of our cars.
Sean Ratts at 928 Docs experiences this everyday as he works on customers cars. He developed a replacement FOE harness that mirrors the original as close as possible while using current best practices and enhanced materials.
The results are amazing - car starts better, lights are brighter, battery charges quicker and overall performance more satisfying.
We have a stock of harnesses and they can also be built to order in two to three business days.
When ordering please provide the year, engine type (16v or 32v) and vehicle delivery Country (USA/CAN, ROW, Japan, Australia for example). The VIN is also useful in certain cases. We will supply the correct harness for your car with ALL original connections.
1989 to 1995 cars that use the 3 pole Oil Pressure Sensor will require a 2 pole Sensor in addition to the harness.
Examples shown above.

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14 pin all the way to the starter. Alternator, oil pressure, oil sender, oil level, engine temp, A/C, intake temp. Early cars include the warm up regulator, time temp, cold start, aux air valve etc.


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