Fuel Tank Repair Sleeve/Boss - All 928 Fuel/Gas/Petrol Tanks 78 to 95.

928sRus, Inc.



You are removing the in-tank pump or the in-tank strainer from your 928 fuel tank and the threaded sleeve comes out with it - catastrophic!!! Start looking for a new or used tank as no matter how you try it cannot be fixed - many have tried and failed. New tanks cost circa $1800 and used tanks anything from $350 to $800 each.

Well think again - thanks to a clever 928 owner we have the fix. Inserts from inside the tank, pulls into place and ready for the in-tank pump or strainer to screw into place. Seals with a gasket just like the original. The arm on the boss stops it spinning. Comes with a gasket.

Also used by 944/968 owners with the same problem - works just the same.

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