Jim Morehouse CD Set - Now on a Thumb Drive

Jim Morehouse CD Set - Now on a Thumb Drive

928sRus, Inc.


Jim Morehouse and the 928 Community came together to generate a record of every Technical Document ever issued on the 928. This did take a number of years to accomplish Jim has now retired and passed the documents to 928sRus to make them readily available for the 928 community.
The 5 CD's have now been transferred to a Thumb Drive. Price is $20 to cover the transfer and the drive itself.
1) Fully searchable Work Shop Manual including all the Wiring Diagrams. USA, ROW & German
2) PET Extracts
3) All Technical Bulletins
4) All Service Info by Year
5) Christophorus Magazines featuring the 928
6) All Tech Spec Booklets
7) Diagnostic Manuals covering Transmission, ABS, Electrical, Climate Control, Fuel Injection, Body and many more.
8) Complete Timing Belt Procedure Video.
9) Holbert Record Run Video.
10) Project 928
11) Lots more


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